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Art Teacher Feature

Name: Nikki Everett

School and Position:

Fort Thomas Independent Schools

Moyer, Johnson & Woodfill Elementary Schools

Visual Arts Teacher Primary K-2

City: Fort Thomas, Kentucky

Education: Bachelors in Art NKU, Masters in Liberal Studies NKU and Rank 1 Certification from KyEPSB

Interesting facts about me: I have been married for 8 years and have 5 children (Evan 14, Noah 8, Maria 5, Elizabeth 4, Emma Jo 10 months). I enjoy drawing, studied printmaking, and now I am wanting to paint more – if I had any free time to paint! In just a few weeks, I am presenting at the National Conference in San Diego and this will be my 3rd time teaching at the National Conference!

Why I teach Art:

I teach art for two reasons.

1. I love kids – I enjoy being with them, listening to their ideas, watching them discover new things.

2. I love art – making things, solving problems, creating something from nothing. What other job could possibly be better?

Teaching art is what I have been called to do. As a child, I loved school and loved making projects in class, but never had an art teacher until High School. Maybe my selfish reason for being an art teacher is to make up for all of those years of not having any art classes or it has helped form my passion for teaching so that every child can experience the joys of making art while they are young.


Photo #2 taken by Terry Eberly
Photo #3 taken by Timothy Sofranko

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